National Tax Services

National Tax Office Services for CPA Firms
Law Offices of Donald A. Barnes, PLLC

I provide National Tax Office services for local, regional and national CPA firms located in twenty states and the District of Columbia. The Big 4 firms have national tax offices in Washington, DC. Other CPA firms do not have sufficient volume of work to justify having a national tax office, but occasionally need assistance from someone in Washington with prior experience at the IRS National Office. I fill that need.

The national tax office services I provide are similar to the services provided by the Big 4 national tax offices — research, obtaining rulings and informal input from the Internal Revenue Service on difficult or important issues, strategizing about alternatives, and drafting written tax advice. In addition, I frequently provide CPA firms with an independent evaluation, or “second opinion,” of the merits of positions taken, or proposed to be taken, on tax returns or in the course of an IRS examination.

I have worked with CPA firms in obtaining private letter rulings and accounting method changes on behalf of their clients, including 9100 rulings for missed tax elections and expedited rulings on corporate reorganizations.

The advice provided by me to the CPA firm is legal advice. Communications between me and the CPA firm are subject to the attorney-client privilege.

I have also participated in CPE seminars organized by CPA firms for their professional personnel.